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How to get to Trolltunga The hike to Trolltunga starts near Skjeggedal and to get there, you can either drive by car or travel by bus. There are several options for travelling by bus, and every route takes you via the village of Odda in Hardanger This is the largest city in this region and is located 20 minutes drive from the starting point to Trolltunga. If you want to travel in this region, it's easiest to rent a car. But you can also go by bus, boat and train

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  1. utes by car from Odda to Skjeggedal
  2. How To Get To Trolltunga From Bergen Getting to Trolltunga. Trolltunga is a massively large, flat rock, placed above the Ringedalsvatnet Lake. It can be... Bergen to Trolltunga By Bus Or Train. The duration involved in traveling from Bergen to Trolltunga is 4 hours by car and... Oslo to Trolltunga..
  3. The hike to Trolltunga; Prepare for your Hike; Trolltunga Via Ferrata; Equipment and hiking tips; Photo queue; Camping on the mountain; Drinking water & Toilets; Guided hiking; When is sunrise and sunset? Winter; Coronavirus; Trolltunga Ziplines; Parking & transportation. Parking; Shuttle buses and taxi; Travel to Odda and Trolltunga; Accommodation; Activities; Attractions; Blog; Nors
  4. d, you'll arrive in the town of Odda and need to take a bus, shuttle bus or private.
  5. How Do You Get to Trolltunga? Trolltunga is located in southern Norway near Hardangerfjord. Most people stay in Odda or Tyssedal to hike Trolltunga. Distances to Trolltunga: From Bergen: 3 hours; From Oslo: 5 to 6 hours; From Stavanger: 3.5 hour

How to get there. There are three car parks in the area: Tyssedal, Skjeggedal, and Mågelitopp. Note that there is a limited number of parking spaces. Shuttle services connect the town of Odda with Tyssedal and Skjeggedal, and there is a shuttle bus with limited capacity between Skjeggedal and Mågelitopp. Get an overview of the hike to Trolltunga Here's an easy step-by-step guide on how to get there, what to expect, what to bring and what it's like... Planning on hiking world famous Trolltunga in Norway How to get to the start of Trolltunga? The nearest main airport is Bergen, a town around a 3 hour drive away from Trolltunga. I would 100% highly encourage renting a car, for both ease, comfort, speed and time efficiency There are 3 ways to get from Bergen to Trolltunga by bus, ferry, car or car ferry. Select an option below to see step-by-step directions and to compare ticket prices and travel times in Rome2rio's travel planner

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How To Get To Trolltunga To get to the starting point of the trip, Odda, you can choose to drive or take a bus. Several options depending on where you travel from Put some extra clothes in case you get wet and some food. Always walk together never leave someone back and the most important check the weather before starting for all the day. Distance: 28 km (17.4 miles) out and back

How to Get to Trolltunga Starting Point. Public transportation can be a bit tricky and somewhat complicated in this area. If you're traveling from Bergen or Oslo you might need to connect multiple train and bus rides to arrive Odda. From Odda you can then get the shuttle bus to the parking area and starting point in Skjeggedal Odda to Trolltunga: There is a shuttle bus from Odda (NOK 150) and from Tyssedal (NOK 100). Parking NOK 500 per day, 250 spaces. Alternative parking at Topp for 30 cars, 4 km from Skjeggedal towards Trolltunga. Steep and narrow (private) road with sharp turns, 400 meters ascent and 17% maximum gradient How to get to Trolltunga. Your first destination will be Odda. Prepare to wake up early, unless you are staying close to Odda. There is not really a reason to stay around there, apart from the hike to Trolltunga. We were doing our exchange in Bergen, Norway, and had to drive from there

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There are 3 ways to get from Oslo to Trolltunga by bus, car, train, plane or car ferry. Select an option below to see step-by-step directions and to compare ticket prices and travel times in Rome2rio's travel planner Trolltunga Active Base Skjeggedal 20 5770 TYSSEDAL NORWAY Tel. +47 991 12 121 [email protected In the summer season (15th of June to 15th of September) there are public shuttle busses run from most hotels in Odda to Skjeggedal. Before 15th of June and after 15th of September Trolltunga Active provides transportation if you are staying at Trolltunga Hotel. Otherwise, you can get there by taxi Shuttle services connect the town of Odda, P1 Tyssedal and P2 Skjeggedal. There is a shuttle bus with limited capacity between P2 Skjeggedal and P3 Mågelitopp. Signs along the trail to Trolltunga show the remaining distance to Trolltunga and back to the trailhead. 4G mobile coverage on most of the hike You can get close to Trolltunga with flights, as well. The closest large airport to Trolltunga is Bergen Airport . This airport is an 18-kilometer drive away from the Bergen city center, and around 205 km away from Trolltunga

By bus, car or by foot to Trolltunga? After spending the night on the rather moderate Odda campsite (too crowded, too small, too impersonal) we set off at 6 o'clock in the morning by car to the Trolltunga car park in Skjeggedal. We had also considered taking the shuttle bus, which would have left directly from the campsite From here onwards till Trolltunga, it was all about the mind power. Every remaining kilometer of the trail took us about an hour to complete and we started to tire out. We took longer breaks and started snacking on chocolates and peanuts to get calorie and mood boost. After toiling it out for about 5 hours we reached our destination: Trolltunga Trolltunga. 430 views; 10.12.2019; No comments; 0. 0. 0. 0. 0. Norway is considered to be a fabulous country with many legends. It attracts tourists with amazing nature, beauty of fjords, fresh air, crystal clear water. The visiting card is the Troll's Tongue rock The Trolltunga hike is a long and challenging day hike in Norway.This guide tells you how you can hike to Trolltunga, also known as the Troll's Tongue, yourself.. Trolltunga can only be reached on foot. It is famed for its dramatic slab of granite that juts into the air and soars 1,100 metres above sea level, along with its astonishing mountain views

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  1. The Trolltunga - Preikestolen express bus ensures you arrive at Preikestolen and further on to Trolltunga - or the other way round. Taxi/Shuttle bus Odda - Trolltunga. Odda Tax
  2. How to get to the start of the Trolltunga hike. Getting to the start of the hike is not easy and I actually found this to be harder than the walk itself! The easiest way is simply to drive. You need to get to a small town called Skjeggedal which is about 17 kilometres outside of Odda and about 190 kilometres from Bergen
  3. How to get to Trolltunga: To Skjeggedal you can drive a car in the evening or early morning − it costs 200 NOK / day. If you are a little bit... From Odda (there are the nearest camping and two shops) bus goes to Tyssendal, for timetable check VisitNorway.co
  4. THE BEST WAY TO GET TO TROLLTUNGA. The town of Odda is known as «The Outdoor Capital of Norway», with its breathtaking scenery. Odda is also the home of Ragnarok, the Netflix series launched in January, 2020
  5. How to get to Trolltunga. The best way to start your trip to Trolltunga is from Skejeggedal parking, which is also the trailhead. Ideally, you would take your own car to drive up directly to the trailhead, where you can leave your car for a day or more
  6. From Odda you are well-positioned to hike Trolltunga. If you start early you can get to Trolltunga in time to hike up and camp overnight which sounds amazing and I wish I had done this. You can see sunset and sunrise and have much less people mucking up the works at the top. If you don't plan to do this, there is no rush to get to Odda

How to Get to the Trailhead *As mentioned above, having a car is the easiest and least stressful way to hike Trolltunga. Being able to get directly to the parking lot at a time of your choosing is a nice luxury to have when you plan to hike 17 miles in a day. The parking fees are a bit of a rip off, but Norway is beautiful so I'll let it slide. * By Car Start Hiking at Km3 | trolltunga norway Seen from the top of the rocky slope Deep slot is the starting point | trolltunga norway Km5 downhill At km8 you see clearest the lake | trolltunga blog Km9 must pass the other mountain Km10.5 is a lake near the Troll's tongue Devil's tongue of Trolltunga | trolltunga blo

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Trolltunga means troll tongue. And, once you've seen the rock formation in person, you completely understand why it was given such a name. Standing over Lake Ringedalsvatnet at 700 meters, the rock offers unbelievable views of the surrounding area. To get to Trolltunga involves hiking a difficult 23 - 27 km trail (out and back) STARTING POINT: Trolltunga lower parking lot. If you plan to hike the whole trail, this is where you'll start walking. Would you decide to make the total distance shorter, it is possible to take a shuttle bus from here and skip the steepest ascent. If you walk, it will take you about an hour (2.8 miles / 4.5 km) The hike to Trolltunga starts near Skjeggedal and to get there, you can either drive by car or travel by bus. We hired a car from Beregn and drove 75km to Odda. In total we spent 3 nights in Odda. The first night we stayed in the small town in a airbnb,. How to get to Trolltunga? The hike to Trolltunga starts in Skjeggedal, about 2,5 hours drive from Bergen. The closest village is Odda, at the South end of Sörfjorden. In Odda there are a few basic hotels, restaurants and a camping. From Odda there is a daily shuttle bus (300 NOK/per person oneway) to Skjeggedal Apart from Trolltunga, you will get to know about Kjerag and Preikestolen. Another outstanding place, that you can reach from Bergen is Flam. This post would tell you how to get from Bergen to Flam. If you are looking for a place to stay - check out this places to stay near Trolltunga

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  1. To be able to enjoy the Trolltunga hike, you'll need to get yourself to a high level of fitness. How you do it is up to you, but your best option is practice on stairs wearing your daypack. Hit up the Stair Master at your gym or find a flight of stairs you can practice going up and down on
  2. Trolltunga is a magnificent rock face situated 1100m above sea level in Odda, Norway. Getting here is one of the best hikes in Norway but you can't get there without some hard work. Getting to the base of the hike feels like a destination tour in itself - the winding roads are surrounded by epic wildlife, monstrous waterfalls and vast landscapes
  3. Obviously, if you have your own car, this trip will be much easier to organise, but we found that Norway's bus services are very efficient too. But any trip to Trolltunga involves some serious planning and I'd advise booking accommodation and long-distance bus services far in advance. How do you get to Trolltunga
  4. or would be reckless, indeed. In this section, you can get to know what you need for ascending Trolltunga. Keep yourself in a good shape

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  1. What would be the closest airport to the Trolltunga walk? Bergen How do you recommend we get from the nearest airport to town near Troltunga on the Friday? Provided you arrive early you can take the bus Bergen-Odda www.skyss.no The quickest and easiest route would be preferred It is in a rather remote fjord area, there is no shortcut
  2. d that you have to queue for a little while to get your picture taken. We spent about 1.5 hours at Trolltunga just because we had to stand in line for 45
  3. Rescues are said to be done annually for about 20 to 30 times in Trolltunga — NOT due to the dangerous-looking cliff but because of the demanding hike (some people get injured, experienced extreme fatigue, get lost in the fog, made a misstep and got buried in snow, etc.)

How to get to Trolltunga. The starting point of the hike is the parking lot in Skjeggedal, near Odda. You can get to Odda by bus or car from Oslo, Bergen or Stavanger, for instance. From Odda by bus: Trolltunga Shuttle to Tyssedal takes you to the starting point of the hike Public Bus. There are two bus companies that provide transportation from Stavanger to the Pulpit Rock hiking trail: Go Fjords (prices start at 930 NOK) P ulpit Rock Tours (prices start at 325 NOK) The trip with Go Fjords includes a cruise on Lysefjord which accounts for the higher price

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How to get to Trolltunga Guesthouse & Hostel From Bergen: Flesland Airport: Flybussen Bergen: Bus route 930. www.skyss.no . Bus from Odda Bus Station to Tyssedal: Bus route 995 Click here to see all departures from Odda Bus Station.. Taxi Odda: www.oddataxi.no Taxi from Odda Bus Station to Skjeggedal, Odda Taxi Tel. 53 64 14 44 Shuttlebus to Trolltunga start point: Odda Taxi Tel. 53 64 14 4 I do recommend you get more sleep than we did (you'll see below my Fitbit says I got less than four hours, yikes), so if you're flying into Oslo try to get a flight that lands earlier than ours did. Day two: This is the day we hiked Trolltunga. We got to the route at 7 a.m. and picked up some Ukranian hitchhikers who were also hiking the route Arriving at Trolltunga. I arrived at 11.45 after 6.45 hours of hiking. That was not to bad considering I included a long break to get some food in. Just before you reach the rock keep in mind that the 9 km sign is missing! So if you feel that the last 2 km's are horrible it is because you are doing 3 Save. You need to go to Odda in the Hardangerfjord area. The easiest would be train to Bergen and bus to Odda. Skjeggedal is the start of the hike. In high season there is transport from Odda to Skjeggedal. It is an 8-10 hour hike, so you need two nights in the area and you need proper hiking gear Trolltunga is a fantastic viewpoint, and the trip into an experience in itself. In spring and fall you must have a guide. That's because Trolltunga located high in the mountains, and there is snow and short days. Trolltunga Activ AS offers walks on snowshoes. This is a great way to experience Trolltunga on, who want to go outside peak season

How to get there? We meet up early morning in Bergen. Bergen is reachable by daily train and flights from Oslo. Please let us know if you need tips on how to get to Bergen! Accommodation. We stay in unique and welcoming accommodations within the area. If you are traveling alone, you will share a same-sex twin room Trolltunga is about 3 hours east of Bergen near the small town Odda. While the rock actually sits above a lake, the Sørfjorden is west of the trail by only a few miles. The location of Trolltunga in reference to the trailhead, town Odda, and in the big picture. How to Get There. The closest airport to Trolltunga is Flesland Airport in Bergen How to get to Trolltunga? The hike to Trolltunga starts in Skjeggedal, about 2,5 hours drive from Bergen.The closest village is Odda, at the South end of Sörfjorden.In Odda there are a few basic hotels, restaurants and a camping

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There's a place in Norway which has become the Selfie Mecca of the world thanks to social media and the internet. Tens of thousands of determined selfie hunters, YOLO-ers and self-proclaimed adventurers have completed the pilgrimage in the last few years to get that shot and I suppose I'm one of them now!. Disclaimer: Expect to see a lot of sarcasm in this blog Get a Park Pass: If you choose to drive, you will need to purchase a Parks Pass to enter Banff National Park. Have your documents: Ensure you have a value drivers licence, carry proof of insurance and your car rental contract Trolltunga is a rock jutting into space 700 metres above Ringedalsvatnet lake! The hike through high-mountain terrain up to Trolltunga is long and demanding, but you are rewarded with magnificent views. The trail to Trolltunga, situated at 1180 metres, is signposted

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Norway is well-known for its beautiful coastline, and the beaches of Jæren are very popular among surfers, hikers, and campers from all over. I'm blessed to have these amazing beaches so close to me, and I'll share them with you all today. I love the Norwegian beach hike and the hiking trails along the dunes... Trolltunga Studios, Odda kommun. 751 gillar · 181 har varit här. Trolltunga Studios is located in Odda, offering rooms to enjoy after hiking nearby fjords

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As soon as you reach Trolltunga, you'll forget all about the hike you just did. It's all very organised with a steel ladder down to Trolltunga and everyone lining up in single file so they can get a photo alone on the rock. There were people doing backflips, yoga poses or like me, just casually sitting on the edge of the rock How to get to Trolltunga Overnatting Skjeggedal from Bergen Airport, Flesland Car Free parking is available. * All distances are measured in straight lines. Actual travel distances may vary. What would you like to know? Enter your feedback. I already have a booking with this propert

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There is also the possibility to get a shuttle from the guesthouse to P3, the best starting point for the hike to Trolltunga. The shuttle leaves at 4:30 of 5:30 and costs 250 NOK per pax. I would recommend taking the 4:30 one as it won't be that busy at the tongue and you will have enough time to take photos How do you get to Trolltunga? Because Trolltunga is very popular, the road is pretty well marked and easy to find. Navigate towards Skjeggedal, Tyssedal and you will start seeing signs saying Trolltunga. After seven kilometer you will find a parking spot where you can park The bus will not take you all the way to the actual Trolltunga site - just up the 4,3 km (14 104 feet) and first 400-meters (1,312 feet) of the ascent, at the top of the route, it's still a 3-4-hour hike to Trolltunga in each direction. Total 6-8 hours hike. But any little bit helps Odda is the nearest large town and is around 17 kilometers away from the Trolltunga itself. To get to Odda, it's best to travel first to Bergen where there is an international airport and good transportation connections with the rest of the country, particularly the capital Oslo

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Visiting Trolltunga Where is Trolltunga located? Trolltunga is located east of the Skjeggedal area, about 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) east of the village of Tyssedal and the Sørfjorden (check map here). How to get to Trolltunga? ∗ By bus: There is a minibus departing from Odda to Trolltunga (Skjeggedal), which is the start point Trolltunga hike Odda - Trolltunga See timetable, map and descriptions of the all the bus stops from Odda to Trolltunga (Skjeggedal, P2), the main starting point for Trolltunga hikes. Odda Buss has 3 shuttle buses that run from Odda to Skjeggedal / Trolltunga spring, summer and autumn Distance: 22 km (13.6 miles) roundtrip. Duration: 8-11 hour hike if done in one day. Elevation gain: 900 m (2,950 ft). Located in the Hardangerfjord region. One of the most incredible hikes in Norway. Amazing fjord and glacier valley views. Dramatic landscape and multi-terrain hiking

Aurlandsdalen - Hiking in Aurland, Aurland - Fjord NorwayAmazing photos reveal the stunning beauty of NorwayAdventure Hikes That Will Take You Around the World

How to Get There The closest airport to Trolltunga is Flesland Airport in Bergen. From Bergen, you can either rent a car or take a bus. You will likely want to stay in a nearby town the night before you do the hike, though some do the drive in the same day; not recommended! I did this hike in August 2019 and flew into Flesland from Edinburgh Getting to Trolltunga - Closest Airport : Bergen (3.5 hour drive to Trolltunga if you hit the ferries) - Rent a Car : Manual cars are going to be CONSIDERABLY less expensive How far into the Trolltunga hike: 8-10 KM There is a small ascend to the 8 kilometer sign, but the trail drops hereafter and flattens out 'till we reached Trolltunga. The really cool thing about the final section of the trail is that the cliff formation remains hidden 'till the very moment you reach the 11 kilometer sign, approx. 100 meters away from the actual cliff formation

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